How To Hypnotize People

Our mind is said to be as vast as our universe. Everything in our brain has a function that is supposedly works for our advantage. One of the most intriguing functions of our brain is to how you can hypnotize someone.

Hypnotism is the art of letting a person into a trance. Hypnotism has been used since ancient times, however, many has condemned this due to some people’s improper use and their wrong impressions and understanding regarding this natural phenomena.

Hypnosis is somewhat similar with sleepwalking and dreaming (lets not forget that Hypnosis comes from a Greek word Hypnos which means sleep).

However, hypnosis is so much different with sleep since people that are hypnotized can actually talk, write, walk or even eat (upon the hypnotizer’s prerogative) and they are fully aware of this most of the time.

Here are some of the tips I got from the net on how to hypnotize someone. This is just a basic technique that you can use if you want to try hypnotizing someone:

1. First, you have to make sure that your subject is in a comfortable state. You can let him sit in a chair or let him lie down, just make sure you won´t let him sleep or else your attempt will be put into waste.

2. According to my research, you have to make the brainwave pattern of your subject to slow down into alpha, theta or delta.

3. After doing such, you can now ask questions to your subjects. Make sure that you have video camera or normal voice recorder during the entire session.

This can help you in getting all the necessary information needed in theorizing the root causes of your subject’s problems. Also, noting everything s/he said can be an advantage should the recorder or camera went berserk.

Learning how to hypnotize an individual without them having a clue about it is an extremely useful skill, may it be for business marketing, counseling or even just making friends and being liked. Many people who are referred to as charismatic are those who have a learned or have an inborn ability to perform covert hypnosis.

You might wonder how covert hypnosis works. Imagine a situation where someone tells you not to think of something or don’t look at someone… have you then automatically thought about that very thing that you weren’t supposed to think of? That’s the most basic example of explaining how convert hypnosis works its magic. In a clinical setting though this might work when the hypnotist first builds a positive rapport with the client and then introduces a metaphor that hits home to the listener and arouses an already associated deep structure of meaning that is relevant to their own individual experiences.

It is not wrong to say that covert hypnosis is a form of indirect persuasion that almost always hits home. It is also a technique that is used by many successful marketers and salesman. You can make someone actually believe that they want to do something you want them to do, and thereby not only help them but help yourself in the process.