Booklights are required gadgets by students, scholars, and almost everyone who feels the need to update their knowledge as it assists in reading when the light is either low, or it isn’t available at all. And so here, we have a list of the book lights you can select from that would be easy on the eyes, have a very flexible neck as well as high-quality construction.

These features are the best in a book light, as it is not advisable to use one that would hurt your eyes for being too bright or won’t allow you to read well for being too dim.


  • BRIGHTNESS AND LIGHT: This is the first factor to be considered when selecting your book light. You sure would choose a light bright enough to prevent you from straining your eyes when you are reading and, at the same time, moderate enough not to hurt your eyes. It is more advisable to purchase one with warm-colored bulbs as cool colored bulbs might be stimulating. To top, it all get a book light with adjustable brightness settings. This is better to select the best for your task at a particular time.
  • AESTHETICS, STORAGE, AND PORTABILITY: While some book lights are made for mobility, some are not. Purchasing your book lights also depends on this as you might want a durable and light one, or you might be more comfortable with a sturdy one.
  • FEATURES AND STYLE: There are different types and styles of book lamps; some come with adjustable necks while others are made in a way that you clip it to an e-reader, some book lights also come with incredible automated features that allow it to go off when it notices that you are asleep.
  • SOURCE OF POWER: While most book lights are rechargeable, some others make use of removable batteries. It would be best if you decided what suits your functions best to purchase yours.


  • LUMINOLITE: This book light could be very flexible with its functions and also has multiple light options. Its yellow-colored light is natural on the eyes, and the brightness makes it equally easy to read. The neck is also bendable and adjustable, making it a superb option.  More so, it is easy to carry along when traveling as it is lightweight. The durability, lightweight, and flexibility make it easier to pack into small boxes.
  • ECOLOGIC MART: This book light is very concerned about the eyes, and so has the double yellow light. It also has two flexible heads, thereby enabling it to illuminate both pages of your book at the same time. It is lightweight and so very mobile. Its battery is a rechargeable pone and quite easy to charge.
  • IKROSS-LED CLIP ON LIGHT: This light grips well and stays on the spot you want it to; it has an adjustable arm so you can shift the focus of the light wherever you want it to go. However, it is limited as you can’t comfortably use it on hardware copies of your book. It is only useable on e-books and kindle readers.

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